Ryka Remedy Review

Ryka RemedyThe

Ryka Regulate

is in itself a durable yet very lightweight pair of


that can be perfect for moderate




. Very few expected that few months after the introduction of


, another breakthrough would wow a lot of

active women

who are looking for a minimalist shoe that is suitable for daily use.

Ryka Remedy

is casual


footwear that can bring out the girly and flirty side even of sporty women. Because the shoes are far from weighing the feet down, the pair is excellent in facilitating freer


. Similar to the




, the Remedy is made of a breathable upper that gives the shoes an ability to fit over the top of the



Aside from the impeccable


, the Ryka Remedy was also built with an


footbed that contributes to the enhancement of cushioning and comfort. Unlike other

ballet flats

, the Remedy does not cause any


on the feet. See it as a product of combined designs from sporty sneakers and stylish flats for women.

The bottom part of the shoes also holds an amiable feature. The Ortholite footbed can ensure the absence of

sore toes

or painful soles at the end of the day. Outside, a two-piece solid rubbed with flexibility grooves can get you instantly on the move. And why not, when you can


well with enough traction even on the shiniest surfaces.

Unlike other shoes from Ryka,the Remedy is not a sports or workout shoes. But they can go well with any kind of outfit. They can be worn with a dress, pair of jeans or


. Women no longer endure the




they usually encounter from ordinary fashion shoes. With the Ryka Remedy, one can enjoy the comfort of wearing


and the stylish appeal of

ballet flats


Note that Ryka shoes tend to be smaller compared to the typical shoe sizes of Americans. It is then recommended for the buyers to get a shoe that is ½ inch larger than their usual size. Risking the purchase of smaller sizes may be the cause of more injuries or pain on the feet.

Some women may also have problems as to how the shoes are designed. Often, one can find a pair of Ryka Remedy with visible (but tasteful)


along with


flowers and minimal patterns. Next to the usually candy-colored ladies footwear, the Remedy may appear sporty and timid. The shoes then serve as a fresh breeze amidst uncomfortable shoes for women.

This makes the shoes perfect to be worn both for laid back or busy days. Running around, going about your chores. The feet are well protected and cushioned, and your legs, back and neck are spared from possible injuries. Note that the support given by your shoes affects your


greatly. With Ryka Remedy, however, the wellness of bones and their structure can be the least of your worries. The best thing about it is that you can get a pair at a very affordable price.